Sep 13 • 21M

Even Orcas Need (Clean) Water

In support of a new feature length documentary.

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George Morris
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We talk to George Morris about his new feature film. To Kill a Orca.

You will notice that the latest release of our flagship IPA Even Sharks Need Water, has a new set of clothes. All proceeds from any can wearing this jacket will support the production of a new feature film being made to highlight the plight of the last two remaining native Orca Whales in the United Kingdom.

The West Coast Community is a small group of Killer Whales given their name as they are primarily seen off of the west coast of Scotland. Told through the eyes of the local community of shore watchers, boat operators and scientists responsible for monitoring and loving this Pod, this feature documentary will unravel the complex story of this much admired group of Orca, their past, and explore what has led to their sad demise. John Coe and Aquarius are the only members of the group seen since 2016. Thought to be between the ages of 60 to 80 and both male, we are sadly witnessing the end of a culture, language and family of Orca, that have called the waters of the west coast of the British Isles home for centuries.

The Orca (or Killer Whales) are members of the dolphin family and not actually whales! John Coe is the larger male, and has that very iconic cut out of the base of his fin. He is probably the most recognisable Killer Whale on the planet, and has become a bit of a symbol of love and loss.

Though they are based mostly in Scotland they are also seen in Ireland and Wales, and even recently in Cornwall.

We are incredibly proud to be able to support the making of this film. It’s an important piece of documentation around the plight of not just our native Orcas, but sea life in general. Filming has begun and will continue for the next 3 months.

Crew - 

Director / Producer - George Hoagy Morris 
Assistant Producer - Rachel Burton 
Executive  producers - Tom Mustill / Christopher Morris