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Tony Njoku
Tony Njoku
We caught up with Tony before the live show on Oct 17th

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Tony Njoku on Bandcamp

Before his support show with Andy Bell on October 17th we caught up with Tony Njoku where he discusses his evolving musical journey and influences. From transitioning from rigid electronic music to more experimental and orchestral compositions, with a rare solo show here on the 17th October.

Tony reflects on his early exposure to music through his parents' eclectic tastes and their initial interest in visual and dramatic arts. His musical journey began with a laptop, LimeWire, and music production software, leading to the discovery of artists like Radiohead and the profound impact of his music.

Tony emphasises how music has provided him with a sense of purpose, personal growth, and a connection to like-minded individuals. He talks about his ongoing projects, including a mix of compositional, orchestral, and electronic work, as well as collaborations and future plans.

Tickets are on sale now (£10 + bf) for the GLOK Full live show with live visuals provided by Innerstrings.

Andy Bell performing live as GLOK.

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